Power of the Pen: A new way to communicate

If you have seen the introduction to Weeds season 8, or watched the Ted Talks you may have seen this new and innovative communication tool commonly called "Whiteboard Animation." It's a powerful animated video of a hand in motion drawing illustrations that support a brand, a process, sales of a product, and a message.  Usually these videos are just 1-3 minutes in length.

Software companies are using this technique to explain how their products work and why their widgets are better.  Businesses like the Atlantic Group in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey are using whiteboard animation to describe their furniture distribution process.  Non Profits and Municipalities are using this to explain their organizational processes.  Healthcare companies like Usana (http://lizapascal.usana.com/?page=page2)  are using this to educate on the benefits of their products.  Fortune 500 companies are saving travel costs by sending links to whiteboard animation sales training videos.  Why?  Because it is cheaper than a talking head and it will keep your attention from start to finish.

What also makes this new communication vehicle interesting is that unlike the traditional talking head video, not that many companies have the skills to produce this unique and energized product and so when do you commission a company to provide this animated video, people will remember it!

The video below showcases the process of whiteboard animation.  Contact Greenlight Interactive today for an estimate on a whiteboard animation for your company.

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