Knock Knock Jokes

It's no laughing matter if your customers do not know who you are.  Successful Brand strategy involves understanding your customer and their needs and wants.   It means understanding their emotional drives, and their rationale, what makes them buy, and what prevents them from buying.

Greenlight Interactive evaluates your brand, your messaging, and your position in the market to see what we can do to make you stand out to your dream customers.

Case Study:  Palooza
Palooza provides catering, food trucks and “farm to table” dining.   At our first meeting we determined that their brand, for the food trucks was dated and not suggestive of food.  Palooza is a"hip" gastropub appealing to a youthful and educated crowd seeking high quality food.


Greenlight was hired to create a) brand development; b) logo; c) print collateral; d) signage; e) website and d) social media/public relations.

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