Video & Whiteboard Animation

In today's fast-paced culture we are inundated with information.  And so we SCAN what comes to our email, TV and devices.   Video is not only becoming more popular, it is becoming a necessity. If you are in the mountains of Tibet you may be alone on the planet waiting for your videos to load on your mobile, desktop or tablet.  But today, video is readily supported.   And it has many uses.  You can jazz up your PowerPoint presentations by embedding a video into your slides.  You can run video for lectures. You can post videos on your website.

Greenlight Interactive provides many types of videos for various needs.

Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard animation is "cool" and relatively new.  It is creative story telling in its finest form: short attention grabbing video using artwork and illustration to tell a story.  YOUR story. We are unique with “whiteboard animation” as a service because we offer all original artwork.  And original script writing from our marketing experts.  Want to train staff?  Offer a product demo?  Create a series and a following?  Contact us to view our portfolio OR go to for more information.

Traditional Animation
We can create caricatures and characters for your company and make them walk, dance, and speak with true lip synching.  We're not Pixar. This more traditional simplified style does not use computers to generate movements.  We're doing these animations the old fashioned way, with a series of stills to create movement.  This is reminiscent of the older Disney-style processes.  It's old in style but new... Go to for more information.

Video Production
Greenlight Interactive also produces corporate videos, video featurettes and training and sales videos.  Ask us for a tour of our portfolio or visit Greenlight company founder's award-winning documentary called "Whiskey & Apple Pie" at

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