Whiteboard Animation Examples

Greenlight Interactive provides a variety of animation styles and techniques. Below is a partial portfolio to reflect some of these styles. Please see more examples and read more about our process, applications of whiteboard and rates under our separate website dedicated to whiteboard animation at:  www.whiteboardanimationplus.com

Date:May 27, 2014
Latin America
helix.md is Latin America’s premier online community of 150,000 + opted-in healthcare professionals. With Helix MD you can access peers and other physicians when they have the time to engage with your messages, outside normal office hours, nights, weekends and at home. This video was translated and produced in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Client:Liza Pascal
Usana is one of the world’s top health & nutrition companies providing high quality nutritional supplements, weight-loss products and self-preserving safe skin care products.
Liza Pascal, leading Sales Representative and health advocate hired Greenlight Interactive for both usability consulting and whiteboard animation. The whiteboard animation project included 5 animations of between 1 and 3 minutes in length debunking the “Myths of Supplements and Vitamins.” The animation example in this portfolio is one of the five animations on this topic

Client:Edwards Vacuum
Date:January 3, 2014
Crawley, West Sussex , United Kingdom
Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells. These products are used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical; and for both scientific instruments and a wide range of R&D applications. “Edwards Vacuum” as a name may suggest “Vacuum Cleaners” and so this fun whiteboard animation video (combined with traditional animation) is a way to play on the possible perception while still representing the high value of the product.
Client:Atlantic Group
Date:May 3, 2014
New York
The Atlantic Group hired Greenlight Interactive for a whiteboard animation as an engaging way to describe their services and how they compare to the competition. Greenlight Interactive set up a meeting with The Atlantic Group Connecticut to assess their business processes, customer segments so that Greenlight Interactive would be able to create a script that tells the story in an authentic way.  There was a second video created for the company called "Devil is in the Details" where we have caricatures of lead team members describing the process.

Client:CT Solar Challenge
Date: January 30, 2014
CT Solar Challenge is a nonprofit that focuses on consumer education on Solar within Connecticut towns and villages.  If a group of participants in one town sign up for solar, their costs for solar will be reduced because solar installers will be able to keep costs lower due to installing in the same geographic area.   CT Solar hired Greenlight to explain this process and educate community on the process.