Web – Overview


Who do you think you are? Who is your target audience?  Who is your “customer”? What do you think they need?  What do you think they want?  What makes you different? What is your unique message and how can you effectively and emotionally connect with your audience?

The Greenlight Interactive process involves a detailed analysis of your business goals, your target market segmentation, and your brand and communication vehicles.  Not all communication vehicles are right for businesses.  We do not want you to waste money on what doesn’t make sense for your market.  So we help you outline a plan.  It is a collaborative process.  We are your marketing partner for as long as we are needed.

Greenlight Interactive takes an integrative approach to every creative project.

  • Discovery: The first step is to understand the marketing initiative—the constituent needs, business and organizational goals.
  • Research & Usability: The second step is to develop and perform a usability audit that includes surveys, focus groups, interviews, testing, a sitemap/architecture and reports of necessary enhancements.
  • Creative: The third step is to develop designs based on a proposed technology solution, complementary to the architecture, which addresses the needs of the target audience groups.  And to develop complimentary marketing materials to support this brand initiative.


Discovery involves:

  1. Needs Assessment: Assessment of current organization or business goals, target audience and benefits;
  2. Assumptions: Assumptions of needs and wants of each target market;
  3. Role Playing Through Cognitive Theory Practices:  Task-based exercises on the website based on each audience and their demographics, psychographics and perceived needs to develop personas for each target audience;
  4. Web site statistics analysis: Analysis of current web site statistics (or data logs);
  5. Preliminary Weather Report: identifying content organization and confusion areas that relate to the usability of the site for each identified audience and identifying problem areas of marketing materials (writing style, voice, brand communication);
  6. Initial Audit – Informing Our Strategic Process: This written audit will become the basis for formal usability analysis and testing.

Whether your needs are for web or print marketing, our next phase in the process is research and usability.  Then development to meet the needs of your business and marketing objectives.