Whiteboard Animation Overview

What IS Whiteboard animation?WBad
Whiteboard is one of the newest forms of marketing videos.  Today many use the term interchangeably to refer to drawings on regular paper.   Or drawings done using clip art generated through software programs where the process of hand drawings are simulated using the software to make it look like a hand is moving across the page.

We are unique with "whiteboard animation" as a service because we offer all original artwork.  Original script writing from marketing experts.  And original music.

Why use Whiteboard?
Whiteboard animation is creative story telling in its finest form: short attention grabbing video using artwork to tell your story. But it is more than a story.  Whiteboard animation is an engaging enhancement to a PowerPoint presentation, Website, Mobile, and Social Media campaign.  It is easy to embed this video and is also often used for some of the following applications:

1. Sales Training Videos

2. Product Sales Videos

3. Product Demo Videos

4. Instruction/Educational Videos

5. Brand Building and Brand Awareness Videos

6. Non Profit "Our Process" Videos to educate community and/or solicit donations

Read more about rates, process, and portfolio on our dedicated whiteboard animation website at: www.whiteboardanimationplus.com

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