Brand – Case Studies

Greenlight Interactive team members span from over 20 years of design, brand and marketing experience. Collectively we have designed complete business systems for hundreds of healthcare, education, corporate, retail and nonprofit. We have designed logos, websites, print collateral, public relations and social media campaigns. We've even designed characters such as "Sparky" the spark-plug for an electric company, Kody, the Kangaroo for a social media company, and Sam, the smart caveman for International UK-based company Edwards Vacuum. Below are a few examples of our recent work.



ICareVillage, Inc.
National Healthcare Resource

ICareVillage provides one of the largest collections of online videos for boomers taking care of an elder population. The website includes information and articles from OSHU, Brigham & Women’s hospital in Boston, MIT AgeLab, doctors, caregivers and seniors. ICareVillage also produced an award-winning documentary called “Whiskey & Apple Pie: Delicious Wit & Wisdom Across America.

Greenlight Interactive team members designed a logo, website, print material and brand marketing materials for the movie and ICareVillage reminiscence series. The website included a CMS, custom applications, membership area, eCommerce, and regional ad-serving applications.
Whiskey & Apple Pie
Whiskey & Apple Pie is a thought-provoking and heartwarming “feel good” documentary that brings into focus the wisdom of our older generation. In this award-winning documentary, two forty-something women take a journey across America to capture the wisdom and stories of men and women over the age of seventy-five. The film includes interviews with both men and women who share their wisdom, their humor, their joy and their passion. Whiskey & Apple Pie features Tippi Hedren, Mickey Rooney, Dr. Dorothy I. Height and the musical talent of Sahra Baker, Joe Ruffatto and the Florence Adams Band.

We provided logo design, design for the website, poster and promotional material as well as design for the DVD.

Click here to view the website and watch the movie online for free.

Nashua School District
Nashua, New Hampshire
Nashua School District services thousands of students in the greater Nashua, New Hampshire area. Greenlight Interactive was hired to create a logo and website for Nashua School District. This included consulting in the tagline/branding for the district.
Catering & Restaurant
Palooza provides catering, food trucks and “farm to table” dining. Greenlight was hired to create a) brand development; b) logo; c) print collateral; d) signage; e) website and d) social media/public relations.
Connecticut HVAC Consulting Company
ATC provides HVAC consulting in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The logo brand created is especially interesting because of the clear iconic play on the heat and the cold in the logo.