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Nashua School District website launch

October 7, 2013 The Nashua School District website launched to the public.  In June 2013, the District reached out to members of our school communities, the local business community, fellow City of Nashua employees, and the Nashua community at large to learn how best the website could serve them.  Greenlight Interactive facilitated survey development, seven…
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Power of the Pen: A new way to communicate

If you have seen the introduction to Weeds season 8, or watched the Ted Talks you may have seen this new and innovative communication tool commonly called "Whiteboard Animation." It's a powerful animated video of a hand in motion drawing illustrations that support a brand, a process, sales of a product, and a message.  Usually…
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Web 101: Free Beer, WYSIWYGs, CMS, and What They Have in Common

A giant “FREE” sign always a great way to get customers to beat a path to your door, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar operation or you exist mainly in cyberspace. But when it comes to building or updating your website, this rule still applies: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. Another familiar rule also…
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Maslow, Hunters, Gatherers, Homo Sapiens and Web Design

Cavemen are a well-known element in art, literature and popular culture.Almost everyone remembers Fred and Wilma, who a lived in the town of Bedrock in the popular TVcartoon The Flintstones.  This show was a wildly popular juxtaposition of modern culture with the Stone Age. Johnny Hart developed the cartoon strip B.C.  He said he created…
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