Joseph Ward

Web/Social Media Developer
Joseph Ward’s career includes developing technology to power CNN as well as thousands of small libraries across the United States.

A librarian, software developer and entrepreneur, he was the founder and editor of Microcomputer Index (Dialog File 233), an online database of microcomputer information available worldwide on the Dialog Information System.

Joe led the development of software used to automate 50,000 small libraries in the United States and around the world, and also developed software used by CNN in its early days to manage its growing video tape collection.

Joe came to software and website development after starting his career as a teacher and  librarian. His library science background in information research and organization, as well as statistics, make him an ace at analyzing usability data, as well as social media optimization. His personal passion for film and videography have evolved into a professional skill set that includes commercial videography and video editing.

As Technology Manager at Greenlight Interactive, Joe handles the implementation of data mining tools and statistics programs and reports on trends and insights culled from data.  As a former librarian, he has a head for details and is able to organize and disseminate information clearly.

Joe earned his bachelor’s degree in History at San Jose State University, where he also earned his Master of Library Science degree.

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