We have collectively designed and developed hundreds of websites, 75% with content management systems, custom application development, and eCommerce solutions.

The Greenlight Interactive development model is a collaborative one with the best development solutions available.  If your business is seeking an "open source" solution we can provide WordPress, Expression Engine or Drupal solutions.  If you business is seeking a Windows asp.Net solution we can offer custom coding or CMS development using Kentico CMS.  Below is more information on each solution.

Open Source Solutions

We offer three Open Source solutions: Drupal, WordPress and Expression Engine.

Open Source means that the code used to run Drupal (for example) can be copied, modified, and shared with others. Anyone with the skill can download and use the Drupal code, make whatever changes they want, and send those changes out to anyone else, or even contribute the changes back to Drupal for others to use and share.

The advantages of the open source model of software development are numerous:

  • Free to download and use.
  • No licensing fees.
  • No proprietary “black box.” (e.g. Everything in the Drupal framework is transparent to a programmer with the knowledge to look at the source code.)
  • A community of developers.


Windows Solutions

We offer custom .Net coding and our recommended Asp.Net CMS Kentico.  We like Kentico because it is affordable and offers one of the most flexible and scalable platforms for Windows-based content management system solutions.


We partner with hosting companies and strongly recommend either Rackspace, the leading cloud hosting provider nationwide  (100% uptime guaranteed) for larger project and Bluehost for small to medium size businesses.