About US

A new innovative marketing firm serving a national base.

At Greenlight Interactive, we’ve gathered a band of brand strategists, marketing experts, designers, usability research facilitators and creative content developers with more than a bizillion years of experience. Yep, that got your attention. And that’s  what we do. We help you stand out. We help you reach your desired target market. We help you communicate authentically about who you are, what you do and what you can do for your customers. How do we do it?  Discovery, Usability, Research, And Creative.

Focused. Although we have collectively serviced just about every industry sector, our focus is in the following markets:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Hi-Tech
  3. Non Profits & Municipalities
  4. Education

Passion.  We are passionate about serving our clients. Which means,we’re passionate about helping our clients reach and serve their customers and  constituents. We help our clients understand their market so that they can reach their market. We specialize in building the communication bridges that create connections.

Process.  Process is a big deal  with us. The fact that we have one is great. The fact that it works is even better.  We customize our process to suit the needs of our clients.  We understand both the big picture – why a branding and design solution doesn’t work – and the fine details, like where you have barriers to communication, or holes where information should be.

Through our usability and accessibility audit of your brand, website and communications, we can discover what you need to do to help your targeted customers find what they are looking for efficiently, along with with incentives to return to you again and again. How do we do that? Our process uses qualitative and quantitative methodologies including video interviews, one-on-one sessions with customers, focus groups, email and online surveys, website stats analysis, social media and SEO research, market research, competitor analysis, usability testing, site performance, content writing and brand consulting.

Brand Uniqueness. We understand the power of Brand Uniqueness.  We build the stories, photos, videos ads, websites and social media that support your Brand. And once we do, your customers will remember you, what you stand for, and how you can help them.

Your Brand is Your Story. We’ll help you write it – or rewrite it. We have an extended team that can support all of your design and marketing needs.  Contact us for more information on our company bios, capabilities and full portfolio.