Monthly Archives: April 2013

Web 101: Free Beer, WYSIWYGs, CMS, and What They Have in Common

A giant “FREE” sign always a great way to get customers to beat a path to your door, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar operation or you exist mainly in cyberspace. But when it comes to building or updating your website, this rule still applies: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch. Another familiar rule also…
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Maslow, Hunters, Gatherers, Homo Sapiens and Web Design

Cavemen are a well-known element in art, literature and popular culture.Almost everyone remembers Fred and Wilma, who a lived in the town of Bedrock in the popular TVcartoon The Flintstones.  This show was a wildly popular juxtaposition of modern culture with the Stone Age. Johnny Hart developed the cartoon strip B.C.  He said he created…
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Case Study: The Atlantic Group Whiteboard Animation

The Atlantic Group hired Greenlight Interactive for a whiteboard animation as an engaging way to describe their services and how they compare to the competition. Greenlight Interactive set up a meeting with The Atlantic Group Connecticut to assess their business processes, customer segments so that Greenlight Interactive would be able to create a script that…
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